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Condor - MTS 505 - Flying Probe

Condor - MTS 505 - Flying Probe

Condor - MTS 505 - Flying Probe


Condor - MTS 505 - Flying Probe


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Digitaltest Inc.

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Digitaltest Inc.

Digitaltest is a Leading Test Equipment Supplier of; High Accuracy Flying Probe Systems. High Speed, Non-Multiplexed, In-Circiuit Test Solutions. Functional Test Solutions. CAD/CAE, SPC and CAD Translation Software.

Concord, California, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM, Software Manufacturer, Test Services

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Condor - MTS 505 - Flying Probe Description:

High Accuracy Flying Probe System, Large Board Size, New Head Design, Low Maintainance, High Fault Coverage and Digitizer 2.0.

The Condor MTS 505 is Digitaltest's latest and most advanced flying probe system. Providing reliable, easy-to-use flexibility, functionality, the Condor provides the capabilities for any NPI, low or medium volume manufacturer to cost-effectively test and inspect their products and provide the highest level of fault coverage to their customers.

Why Condor:

  • Test Capabilities. Provides the highest fault coverage providing test methodologies
    • Use: ICT, Functional, Boundary Scan, AOI, Memory, Flash Programming
  • Accuracy. Increased fault coverage using best-in-class probing accuracy and repeatability.
    • < 5 µm point-to-point
    • 20µm point-to-fiducal repeatability
    • Probe < 4mil
  • Reliability
    • Linear Stator with air bearings
  • High Speed
    • Fastest Throughput Using our Pipelined Algorithms and SNAP Technologies
  • Easy, Flexible Programming
    • Supports 71 CAD systems
    • Fast Programming for NPI Environments
    • Open Software Environment

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