BH Technologies (s) Pte Ltd

Service in prototyping, NPI, Conformal Coating, Reverse logistic Asia service center, Process Servicing,Project Management in Asia for Western countries.

Contract Manufacturer

BH Technologies is ISO 9001 certified eletronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. We are establish since 1999 and has been gaining positive and consistent growth in electronics sector. Located in Singapore, makes us the ideal choice for customers to manufacture low volume and prototyping products to test out the market.

We are professional in providing PCBA prototyping, High Mix Low volume production, Conformal Coating service and a service and logistic hub for Warranty Repair servicing

In addition, our Singapore base service customers for Project Management in Logistic, Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance Management for customers located in the west who do manufacture of their products in lower cost regions.

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