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ETA M3 Multi-Function LED Chip Shooter

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ETA M3 Multi-Function LED Chip Shooter

ETA M3 Multi-Function LED Chip Shooter


ETA M3 Multi-Function LED Chip Shooter


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ETA M3 Multi-Function LED Chip Shooter Description:

The 3rd-generation M3 multi-function chip mounter implements high speed, stability and accuracy operation. The system meets the high-density, miniaturization, multi-encapsulation, large capacity, high precision characteristics requirement of LED field perfectly dealing with components 0603,0805,1206,1210, LED 3014/3528/5050/5630, diodes, transistors, SOP and other packaging components, effectively improving the accuracy and efficiency.

ETA unique mounting pressure control system, full closed-loop mount control system in Z-axis placement process to ensure the effective height and placement accuracy.

ETA exclusive image recognition system uses digital identification and equips with new industrial cameras, recognition speed is slower than mounting speed, not affecting placement efficiency .Individual imaging of each component.

The first domestically servo motor controlled independently arm with four heads to achieve a maximum speed 24,000 CPH , excellent consistency patch effect, optimum placement speed and accuracy.

High precision hardware, imported top brand score parts to ensure placement precision like rail, screw, control systems, communication systems and so on.

Combination of LED lighting products and other imported SMT placement machines like Panasonic, Siemens, use the imported main beam structure of multifunction SMT machine, ensuring the simplicity of LED component height mount operations .

ETA independently develops the English operating system on the basis of imported placement machines to ensure the simplicity and convenience of the operator.

Adopt Panasonic digital pressure testing, with alarming component shortages function, even in the case of lacking of material and components, the operator can also replenish components,thus will not affect the production of the highest efficiency.

PCB Size 基板尺寸


PCB Thickness 基板厚度


Placement Speed 贴装速度(最优)


Gantry Number 悬臂数量


Spindle Number 贴装头数量


Placement Accuracy 贴装精度

+/-50 μm @μ+ 3 sigma(以标准芯片为准)

Component Range 元件范围

0402~14mm IC、BGA

Component Height 元件高度


Feeder Inputs 供料器数量


Converyor Direction 运输方向


Nozzle Change更换吸嘴


Convey Time 搬运时间


Mark Camera 基准相机识别时间



98/37/EC CE Machine directive
89/336/EEC CE EMC directive
73/23/EEC CE Low voltage directiveSEMI S2 Safety standard
SEMI S8 Ergonomics standardSEMI E95 Human Interfaces standard

Dimension 外型尺寸(L*W*H)


Weight 重量




Electric Supply 电能需求

2phase,AC200 ~ 415 V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption 功率


Electrical SMEMA Interface SEMEMA接口


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