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Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​

Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​

Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​


Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​


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Shenzhen ETA Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen ETA Technology Co., Ltd

ETA is the world's leading provider of SMT factory planning solutions, providing SMT Machine, More than 25 years of experience.

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Contract Manufacturer, Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone +86 13670124230

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Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​ Description:

Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter?

Hanwha DECAN S1 Fast & Flexible Chip Mounter​

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We are professional SMT/DIP manufacturer for reflow oven, SMT solder paste printer, pick and place machine, SMT conveyor, PCB loader unloader, SMT production line, PCBA conformal coating machine, LED production line, wave soldering machine, PCB cutting machine, PCB cleaning machine, SMT AOI/ SPI, laser making machine, etc. SMT equipment.

Welcome to Contact Us at Any Time for Further Information.
Mobile : +8613670124230 (WhatsApp / Skype / WeChat)

❙ Introduce of Hanwha SMT Mounting Machine

Hanwha high speed advance pick and place machine, Hanwha modular chip mounter, Hanwha SMT placement, with 47,000 CPH.

 Specification of Hanwha SMT Placement

Hanwha DECAN S1Fast & Flexible Mounter
▶Speed : 47,000 CPH  (Optimum)
▶Spindle/Gantry : 10 Spindles/1Gantry
▶Parts: 03015~□55mm(H15),L75mm
▶Accuracy : ±28μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/Chip
                   ±30μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/IC
▶Max.PCB : L510xW510 (Standard)
            L1,500xW460 (Max)
▶Highest performance among chip Mounters of the same class
▶Places microchips stably
▶Increased convenience of operation

 Customer Factory 

▽ ETA Poland customer - Hanwha SMT line

SMT Production Line.JPG

▽ ETA USA customer - Hanwha LED production line

LED Production Line

▽ ETA Ecuador customer - Hanwha LED TV production line

LED TV production line

❙ Company Profile


ETA is the SMT machine supplier with professional 25-year-experienced sales and after sales team, providing SMT solutions including pick and place machine, reflow oven, SMT stencil printer, SMT line and wave soldering machine.

We also is the partner of JUKI pick and place machine and Hanwha/Samsung pick and place machine, can provide the best SMT technical services and accessories support for JUKI, HANWHA/SAMSUNG, YAMAHA, PANASONIC brands.

Successful Experience:

Eta's Customer In 35 Countries Around the World

1. We Have Been Helping Customers To Build a Lot of New Factories Around the World.

2. Training More Than 500 Experts and Technician for Customers.

3. Became the Most Reliable Chinese Partner for You.

For SMT Factory Setup, We Can Do for You:

1.  We Provide Full SMT Solution for You

2.  We Provide Core Technology With Our Equipments

3.  We Provide The Most Professional Tech Service

4.  We Have Wealthy Experience on SMT Factory Setup

5.  We Can Solve Any Question About SMT

❙ ETA SMT Machine Exhibition

SMT Line Machine

Reflow Oven

❙ ETA SMT Line Machine Certificate


❙ ETA Global Service

ETA Global Service 1.jpg

❙ Customers' Feedback



Q: What we can do for you?

A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.

Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

A: OEM & ODM service are available.

Q: What is your delivery date?

A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

Q: What your main customers?

A: Huawei,Foxconn,Vtech,Sumida,Kemet,Vishay,Bosch,Canon.

Q:  Why choose us?

A: Leading SMT Supplier in China; Trade assurance to USD 560,000+; Professional after-sales service team.

❙ Packaging & Shipping

SMT Line Machine

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