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FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System

FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System

FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System


FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System


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Nordson MARCH

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Nordson MARCH

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in plasma cleaning equipment and plasma applications technology. The company has designed and manufactured plasma equipment for more than 30 years.

Concord, California, USA

Cleaning, Component Preparation, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM, Repair / Rework

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FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System Description:

Superior Plasma Process Quality and Automation in One System
The Nordson MARCH FlexTRAK™ platform provides unparalleled treatment uniformity and process consistency. A three-axis symmetrical chamber ensures all positions of the product are treated uniformly, while tight controls over all process parameters ensure repeatable results from product to product.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimate application flexibility for direct, downstream and ion-free (patented) plasma, which allows treatment without exposure to ion and UV
  • Easily integrates with a variety of process equipment, including wire bond, die attach, dispense, mold, and marking
  • Slim structure that requires minimal floor space, all service components are easily accessible from the front
  • Compact, three-axis symmetrical chamber and proprietary process control for unmatched process uniformity
  • Industry leading throughput capacity with short cycle times

High-Throughput Processing Capability
The FlexTRAK platform is a highly configurable, highthroughput plasma system. Its universal architecture accommodates a multitude of material handling configurations to support a wide assortment of variablesize form factors. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control enable unmatched short cycle times, while its slim structure minimizes floor space requirements.

The FlexTRAK platform handles a wide variety of product form factors, including boats, carriers, Jedec/Auer® boats, strips, laminates, and wafers. Depending on throughput and product form requirements, the system can be configured for magazine-to-magazine processing of single and multiple strips or lead frames, wafer processing, and standalone for island-based production environments.

SMART Tune™ Management System

The FlexTRAK platform’s SMART Tune management system provides closed-loop plasma control that optimizes the RF system and minimizes tuning time. The system automatically recycles to a plasma-ready state, compensating for changes in vacuum pressure, temperature and varied lot sizes. Maximum power to the
chamber is achieved in seconds with a proprietary algorithm that constantly measures forward and reflective power inside the chamber.

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