PB Technik

PB Technik supplies SMT equipment and materials to the Polish market. JUKI ERSA EKRA BRADY MARANTZ

Distributor, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Representative, Standards Setting / Certification, Training Provider

We supply equipment for electronics manufacturing as well as complex solution and technologies, and assistance in the
implementation of productive processes. We can offer the purchase of equipment in lease.

In order to ensure a short delivery time and convenience of our customers , we have our stock of products, in particular consumables and spare parts for machinery.

PBTechnik has its own guarantee and post guarantee service for machines and devices sold in Poland.

Our service engineers in addition to knowledge needed for repairs, have an experience in setting production and technological process necessary for the installation of machines and the implementing production.

We offer:


  • Leaded components cutting and bending
  • Line integration systems: transporters, loaders, unloaders
  • Screen print for solder paste and adhesive
  • Solder paste and adhesive dispensing
  • SMD  assembly: manual, semiautomatic, automatic
  • Reflow ovens
  • Soldering wave machines
  • Optical inspection of PCBs
  • Functional and in-circuit PCBs testers
  • Rework of PCBs
  • Ecological  cleaning of PCBs, stencils, solder pallets


  • Solders pastes and SMT adhesives
  • Cored solder wires and solders bars
  • Fluxes, temporary solder masks
  • Ecological cleaning agents
  • Paper in rolls and cleaning agents for  printers
  • Test probes

Equipment and accessories:

  • Soldering hand tools
  • Antistatic racks and containers for PCBs
  • Antistatic: mat, band, testers antistatic etc.
  • Feeders and nozzles for SMD pick and place
  • Profile meters

In Poland, we represent the following companies:

  • ASYS - board handling, test handling, robotics, pallet systems
  • BERNSTEIN - hand tools for electronic
  • BOFA - systems for the extraction and filtration of fumes
  • BRADY - termal labeling system and materials, thermal transfer printers
  • CAB - PCB’s separators, racks and containers for PCBs
  • CIRCUIT MEDIC - Tools and materials to repair damaged to circuit board surface mount and bga pads
  • DATA PAQ - temperature recorders  profilo measure
  • DIMA SMT - prototyping and small to middle size production in SMT
  • DIMA DT - modular machines for conformal coating and dispensing various products.
  • DYCEM - high performance contamination control floor coverings and mats that prevent dust, dirt and microbes.
  • ECT - interface probes for all major brands of test systems
  • ELMA - ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • EKRA - screen printers machines
  • ERSA - well known producer of reflow soldering machines, wave soldering machines, selective soldering machines, SMT/BGA rework systems, inspection systems, soldering stations
  • GE PHOENIX X RAY - X-ray inspection systems
  • GEN3 SYSTEMS - Industrial testers to test  wettability, ionic purity, surface resistance and the painting of tiles both dip and selective, to work on the line and free-standing.
  • JUKI - automatic SMD placement machines
  • KOKI - solder pastes, and advesives for SMT, fluxes, solder wires
  • KORAX -  epoxy and polyurethane resins, conformal coatings
  • KOH YOUNG - producer of SPI devices for automatic inspection and measurement of printed solder paste
  • LPKF - stretching frames for screen-printing machines for DEK, EKRA and others
  • MARANTZ - automatic optical inspection systems for wafers and assembly imposed after the paste
  • OLAMEF - cutting and bending machines for through hole components
  • OPTILIA - manual BGA/SMD inspection systems
  • PBT ROZNOV - screen-printing machines, cleaning machines, dispencers for solder paste and adhesive, working tables, sensor
    shuttles, places for fine pitch and BGA Iss, feeders and accessories for Tescon’s pick and place machines
  • VISION ENGINEERING - optical inspection systems, video measuring systems
  • ZESTRON - chemical materials for cleaning of PCBs and stencils
 Reflow System

Large PCB Dispensing System