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An independent solder analysis lab. Our services include solder analysis of wave solder machines and solder pots. We test for impurities based on J-STD-006B for most tin and lead based alloys.

Poway, California, USA

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Solder Alloy Analysis Services

Solder Alloy Analysis Services


Solder Alloy Analysis Services


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Solder Testing from $79 to $149

If you have a wave solder machine, a solder dip pot, or selective soldering system then you should consider the consequences of not monitoring your solder pot. An informal 20 year survey of the electronics manufacturing marketplace indicates:

  • More than 50% of Electronics Contract Manufacturers have no formal plan for testing their solder to J-STD-006B compliance.
  • When asked, better than 65% of all Quality Engineers surveyed in both OEM and Electronics Contract Manufacturing segments could not remember the last time they had tested their solder baths.
  • Approximately 15% of all EMS end customer audits fail in solder quality monitoring... often resulting in the loss of that customer.

SolderLab solves these issues by remembering how and when your solder needs to be tested. Never be caught out of compliance again!

Solder Analysis Services:

URGENT Analysis

Sometimes things go wrong. Your solder pot needs fixing, and it needs to happen fast. 

Urgent Analysis is our basic analysis service but quicker... much quicker. Once your order is received, your sample will be prioritized to the top of the test que.  Your sample will be analyzed spectrographically within 2 hours of receipt and the test results will be immediately emailed to you.

PotWatch Analysis

We are proud to offer a service that is considered by many as "the most effective way to always keep your solder in compliance". Place an order just once a year to receive your initial analysis and the follow on reminder envelopes up to 12 times a year. The timing of the envelope delivery is up to you.  Your samples will be analyzed spectrographically for the elements listed (same alloys as the single analysis) within 48 hours.

FLEX Analysis

FLEX Analysis is a multi-analysis service where we ship all of your solder analysis kits to you at once - one time. With FLEX Analysis you enjoy the same pricing advantages of our scheduled service while maintaining the flexibility of choice. As with all of our products, your sample will be analyzed spectrographically within 48 hours and your test report will be quickly emailed to you.

Our service goes beyond just solder analysis; it includes full service monitoring and testing of your solder. We make the whole process of testing simpler than ever before. Once you sign up for our service, we will take over the responsibility of keeping you on schedule for testing your solder. Never again will you have those nagging thoughts about if your solder is in spec or worry that a customers audit will discover something you didn’t know.

All you do is tell us how often you need solder analysis testing and how many samples, we take care of the rest. On set times we will send you an email alert that notifies you that one of our distinctive blue sample envelopes is on its way. With the solder collection cup included in the envelope all you do is fill it with solder, fill out the sample card, attach the return address label on the same envelope and mail it back. Within a few days of receiving it you will receive a detailed Certificate of Analysis by email. Simple, fail safe quality assurance !

Once and Done? Only if that is what you want. We offer solder analysis service at intervals of your choice. We can schedule your samples on a Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Basis. Simply order once and relax... we have the rest of the year covered!

Phone, Fax or Order Online. We are ready for your order any way you wish to place it. Purchase order (with automatic net 30 terms) or credit card orders online, fax or phone, we can handle it.

SolderLab is compliant to ASTM standards organization for Standard Test Methodology in the practice of our business. This test method defines test procedures and the precision of our test results. The results of our tests are then used to assess our compliance to measurement and analysis requirements of the IPC -  J-STD 001 Rev. E for both lead bearing and lead free solder alloys.

Many of our customers have downloaded our Rework Cost Calculator to find out how much money can be saved in rework costs by keeping the solder

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