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Shenzhen CleanseBay Technology Co., Limited is committed to producing the highest quality clean room swabs at the lowest cost in the world. As a full line manufacturer, we have the capability to produce customized clean room swabs for specific applications with a wide selection of swab sizes, handles, and materials, to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications. Advanced technologies and precision manufacturing ensures our swabs eliminate contamination and provide consistent cleanliness.

We offer different sizes of Cleanroom swabs designed for every industry. The types include Polyester Swab,  Foam swab, Fibre Optic Cleaning Swabs, Cleanroom & ESD swabs
,Hydrophilic PU foam swab and cotton swab.they are widely used in the industries of Electronics, Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Photoelectronics, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical,Computer HD,  Medical care, LCD, HDD, etc

We aim to establish a long-term relationship with partners that we can work together with in building a  supply chain all over the world based on mutual benefit.

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