SinkPAD Corporation

An innovative thermal management company that is dedicated to address the thermal challenges that the electronics industry is facing.


Our patent pending SinkPAD™ technology is a PCB technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED system and into the atmosphere at a much greater rate.

SinkPAD™ technology will improve any LED application, but it will be most effective in high power (HP) & high bright (HB) surface mount LED systems, especially those that are currently not effective enough at dissipating heat to be viable. SinkPAD enables direct thermal path between LED and surrounding atmosphere. SinkPAD is cost competitive in almost all cases, but in applications with active cooling systems that are able to switch to passive cooling systems because of SinkPAD™ it is more than just competitive; it is in a league of its own.  Any LED application that requires active cooling can reduce its reliance on the increased costs and moving parts involved even if it cannot be completely eliminated.  This is always a good thing, and often times, as an indirect effect the size of the devices in these applications can also be reduced because of smaller or now non-existent active cooling systems making these devices cheaper to make and more desirable to the consumer.

SinkPAD™ technology benefits:

  • 135 W/m.k. – 385 W/m.k. heat transfer rate
  • Direct thermal path
  • Lower junction temperature
  • Lowest thermal resistance
  • Higher operating temperature (Up to 225 degree Celsius)
  • Thin profile
  • Less expensive dielectrics
  • Longer LED life
  • Cost Competitive with Aluminum PCB (typical Metal Back PCB)
  • Reduces cooling systems costs
  • Ideal for surface mount LED components such as High Power & High Bright LED
  • Multilayer PCB possible without increased thermal resistance

SinkPAD Corporation Postings

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SinkPAD Corporation offers custom Thermal Profiling of your products

Jul 27, 2011 | SinkPAD Corporation’s Vice President of Marketing and Business development Sam Bhayani has announced that his company SinkPAD Corporation will be performing comparative thermal profiling right at their booth (#264) next week at the LED show in Las Vegas July 27th.

Wild Ideas Light Company lauds SinkPAD’s new technology

Jul 18, 2011 | SinkPAD Corporation’s customer Wild Ideas Light Company today expressed their appreciation for SinkPAD’s PCB cooling technology.

SinkPAD Corporation to exhibit at The LEDshow in Las Vegas

Jul 14, 2011 | SinkPAD Corporation will be exhibiting at the LED show in Las Vegas introducing their new Cool down Aluminum PCB applications. The LED show and conference is on July 26th and 27th, the conference is both days while the expo is on the 27th.

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