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TSM A70 Series Air Convection Reflow Ovens

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A distributor of high quality surface mount and related production equipment. Currently distribute Mirae Placement, SJ Inno Tech Printers, and Xavis X-Ray.

Lanham, Maryland, USA

Distributor, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Representative

  • Phone 888-323-4555
  • Fax 571-299-6190

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TSM A70 Series Air Convection Reflow Ovens

TSM A70 Series Air Convection Reflow Ovens


TSM A70 Series Air Convection Reflow Ovens



Offered by:

Apex Factory Automation


TSM A70 Series Air Convection Reflow Ovens Description:

RTPM (Real Time Temperature Profile Monitoring System) Option

  • Set the optimum profile and checks if the set profile is maintained within the error range by measuring the temperature in the oven in real time. (alarm sounds when there is an error)
  • Temperature profile memory for each product
  • No time loss when changing production model-sperate profile check unnecessary
  • Reflow information saved in real time -default setting is one minute interval
  • Remote Control Function-Allows remote control function from an office or host computer

RPPM (Real Time Oxygen Profile Monitoring System) Option

  • Monitors oxygen concentration of entire zones in real time
  • Provides quick and accurate oxygen Profile Management function
  • Checks oxygen profile of produced product immediately (patented technology)

Dual Conveyor Option

  • Allows increased productivity
  • Applicable to maximum dual lane width (300mm)
  • Arrangement of fixed axis to customer's needs-FMMF or FMFM (F:fixed, M:moveable)





Apparent power(kw)




Average power consumption(kw)

Approximate 9.5kw

Approximate 13kw

Approximate 16kw

Operating voltage(V)

3Ø 380V 50/60Hz, 3Ø 220V 50/60Hz

Operating Current(A)




Outline dimension (LxWxH)

157.48" x 53.15" x 57.09"

181.89" x 53.15" x 57.09"

169.84" x 53.15" x 57.09"

Weight (kg)

3968.32lbs (1800kg)

4409.25lbs (2000kg)

4269.7lbs (1936kg)

Number of heating zones

8 zone

9 zone

10 zone "s" for shorter length

Heating Zone Length

102.36" (2600mm)

114.17" (2900mm)

107.09" (2720mm)

Number of cooling zone

2 zone

2 zone

2/3 zone

Cooling Method

Air Cooling
Chiller( option)

Air Cooling
Chiller( option)

Air Cooling
Chiller( option)

Flux treatment




PCB Transfer Speed


PCB transfer direction

Left to right, right to Left

Fixed Conveyor Rail

Front Rail (Rear Rail)

PCB Dimension (mm)

2”- 16” ( 22” option) / 50-410mm (550 Option)

Conveyor belt height(mm)

34.84" - 36.22" from floor (885-920 mm)  (normally 900 mm)

Temperature meter




Hot Air Speed

Pre-heat & reflow Approximately  0.5-4.0m/sec

PCB drop detection

Photo sensor

PCB stop detection

Photo Sensor

Auto stop

Stops after No-load for 20-60 minutes since the system turns off

Oxygen connection control




Nitrogen consumption




Alarm monitor

PC monitor indication/ Emergency stop/ conveyor problem/ Cover opened/ Board drop alarm/ board stop alarm/ Abnormal temperature alarm/ Thermal Alarm


PC, UPS, Anti-warp conveyor or Mesh belt(option)


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