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We have tremendous experience in using various software tools to meet your project requirements.
During the development of your product, we work closely with your electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of the parts meet both circuit and mechanical architectural needs. Our expertise in PCB manufacturing and assembly processes gives us the ability to collaborate with you about your project. In case of need we also, work with your PCB manufacturers and assembly houses to eliminate any possible errors in the design prior to manufacturing and assembly of your product.

In the past we have worked on projects such as:

1.Analog designs, consisting of multiple plane layers for positive and negative power supplies and ground etc.
2.Mixed Analog/Digital designs, consisting of split planes for analog and digital power supplies and grounds isolation. Nested power and ground planes. Also, defining anti copper areas on Plane and Routing layers. Shield planes for a complete isolation of analog from the digital part of the design.
3.High-Speed Digital designs consisting of critical transmission lines, stitch multilayer Ground planes, placing moated ground areas for clock circuitry, design of a heat spreader etc.

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