Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Manufacturer of cable, materials & equipment for the semiconductor and opto-electronic industries; supplying telecommunications, power transmission, information technology and automotive cable markets


The history of Sumitomo Electric reaches back to the 16th century when Masatomo Sumitomo started a copper refining business with his brother in-law in Japan. The Sumitomo logo, called Igeta, is a symbol of the Sumitomo family of companies and can be seen on Sumitomo businesses around the world.

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Three-Dimensional MMIC and Its Evolution to WLCSP Technology

Jan 19, 2012 | Tsuneo TOKUMITSU

The history of multilayered, three-dimensional monolithic microwave integrated circuit (3-D MMIC) technology is described here. Although significant researches were carried out in the second half of 1990’s, still there were many twists and turns before an...

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