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For the past 20 years, SMT industry in China has grown from zero to hero. At the same time, the overseas-brand machines have been substituted gradually by local “Made-in-China” ones tremendously, from simple PCB handling conveyors to reflow ovens, printers, even the AOI machines & SPI machines,  from wave-soldering machines to soldering robots, even the selective soldering machines, from conformal coating materials to conformal coating machines, potting machines and dispensing machines. Even more, this storm has swept to pick & place machines which are the cores of a SMT line. Even today, 90% LED manufacturers in China still use the LED pick & place machines which are made in China.

Under this circumstance, we founded this company. We focus on overseas markets and will do our best to help our customers:

1. Various machines and parts: We are a one-station SMT solution company. We sell various SMT machines, parts, consumable products etc. Machines we sell include wave soldering machines, reflow ovens, printers, p & p machines, PCB handling machines, AOI, SPI, conformal coating machines, dispensing machines, selective soldering machines, PCBA cleaners, etc. Parts we sell include conveyor fingers, p&p feeders, nozzles, etc. Consumable materials we sell include glues, solder wires, etc. This saves foreign customers a lot of time since they don’t need to find three or more different suppliers for one single item to compare everything. Instead, our team will make an investigation into the market before we provide proper machines to our customers.

2. Quality check for above machine at manufacturer's site. We create a QC check list for every machine and perform the check step by step carefully. This QC check covers cosmic, electrical and mechanical performances, functions, cleanness and packing. All the machines have to pass an aging test which simulates working condition at customer’s site. 

3. Machine database. A database about all installed machines will be established. It covers machine's configurations and parts used in each machine. We can do this even better than the machine manufacturer.          This will keep our ability to support our customer even many years after this machine manufacturer disappears from the market.

4. Machine's documents. User guides, operation videos, sales promotion videos or PPTs will be created for each machine. All these are provided in English.

5. Financial support. We are working with HSBC bank and some local banks to provide LC service if the purchase amount is over a certain value. This means that if a customer has good reputation with their bank, they can get machines from us and run their production without advance payment.
6. Installation and after-sales service. All the technicians and engineer were graduated from electronic & mechanical departments of various universities and they are good at English. They had been fully trained at manufacturers’ site. So, if customer needs, we can conduct on-site installation and provide training to every customer.

We are based in China, so know these manufacturers very well. If you let us know your thoughts, we are sure that we can provide you with the proper solution with reasonable offer. “Become the No.1 SMT solution service provider” is our goal. We help the valuable Chinese products go abroad and our customer cut cost without lowering their product quality.

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