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Bare PCB Boards

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Bare PCB Boards

Bare PCB Boards


Bare PCB Boards



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Syntek Inc.


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We supply bare printed circuit boards provided to us by our offshore manufacturing partners. Our partners have been fully researched and carefully selected, and are ISO certified and UL-approved.

  • Single-Sided board
  • Double-sided board
  • Multilayer board (4 to 24 layers)
  • Solder Mask Over Bare Copper Process
  • Lead-free HASL Process
  • Solder Mask over Tin & Lead Fuse Process
  • Peelable Mask Process
  • Selective Gold Processper process
  • Carbon Contact Processss gold process
  • Liquid Photo-imageable Solder Mask Processfuse process

We can provide prototype quantities up to mass production. We can build boards to virtually any specification - single-side, multi-layer, RoHS compliant, BGA, carbon contact. We can deliver your boards to fit your production schedule, whether you need them in days or weeks. As a small, family-owned business we operate with low overhead which allows us to offer you value that will translate to increased profits and productivity.

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