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AKIMist"E" Dry Fog Humidifier

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We at IKEUCHI USA, INC. are US sales subsidiary of H. IKEUCHI &CO., Ltd who is the manufacturer of industrial spray nozzle and humidification system.

West Chester, Ohio, USA

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  • Phone 513-942-3060

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AKIMist"E" Dry Fog Humidifier



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AKIMist"E" Dry Fog Humidifier Description:

IKEUCHI's AKIMist"E" Dry Fog Humidification System provides uniform stable humidity, and expect the following effects.

1. Prevents ESD damege, static issues(Ex. Picking Failure)

2. Stable screen printing performance by keeping solder paste in good condition

3. Suppresses dust

4. Gives strong impression to your customers for countermeasure against static electricity when they visit your facility.

5. Improves work environment(Less catching a cold)

6. Saving energy cost due to cooling down room temperature instead of using air-conditioner in hot season.

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