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Electronic Test Engineering Services

Consultant, Contract Manufacturer, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Service Provider, Subcontractor

* Reverse-Engineer PCB Gerber data to different cad formats (GenCad, FATF, IPC-D-356A, Zuken, PADS)

* Design ICT & MDA Test Fixtures

* Create Drill & Wiring data for functional fixtures (maps, pushfingers, stops, etc)

* Create Teradyne Z18xx IPL files from cad/gerber

* Create DXF/HPGL/PDF files from cad/gerber

* Convert from one cad format to another

* Develop Takaya APT-8xxx/9xxx Flying Probe programs

* Develop Teradyne Javelin ESI-1004 Flying Probe programs

* Board Test Services utilizing Tescon Point70EX MDA

* Project Management

Professional Testing Service Postings

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In-Circuit Fixture / Program Design Services

Send us your cad or gerber data to get a quote for test fixture & program development services   Teradyne Z18xx Agilent 3070 GenRad 228x Tescon P70MB / P70EX /...

In-Circuit Fixture / Program Design Services

Tescon Point70EX ICT / Cable Tester for sale $800 USD

1. Tescon Point 70EX In-Circuit tester - Mark II tester with 5,184 test points installed, capable of 8,192 test points. This machine powers up fine, and passes all factory diagnostics. 2. Included are appx 25 32-pin ribbon cable...

Test Equipment

Tescon Point70EX ICT / Cable Tester for sale $800 USD
ICT Total SMT line Provider

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