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As trends towards the miniaturization and increased functional integration of electronics, the demands on quality assurance are rising. FISCHER has many coating thickness measurement solutions for the electronics sector.


The FISCHER Group is a recognized a leader in the field of coating thickness measurement, micro- and nanoindentation testing, material analysis, scratch testing and material testing instruments. FISCHER’s high level of quality is the result of industry experience and extensive research.

As trends towards the miniaturization and increased functional integration of electronics, the demands on quality assurance are rising. FISCHER has coating thickness measurement solutions for the electronics sector.


  • Measure coating thicknesses to within nanometers, also on multi-layer circuit boards and flex PCBs.
  • With measurement technology from Fischer you can reliably monitor adherence to guidelines such as RoHS, WEEE or CPSIA.
  • Measurement and analysis systems for the testing of lead-free solders and alloys in electronic components.
  • By using X-ray fluorescence, it is possible to determine the thicknesses and composition of multi-layer coating systems on lead frames with precision.
  • When safety and reliability are the highest priority: instruments for testing high-reliability applications in aeronautics and aerospace, military and medical technology.

We will recommend the best solution for any application based on a variety of test methods.

Instruments offered by Fischer include:

Coating Thickness Measurement

  • X-ray fluorescence method for coating thickness measurement
  • Handheld coating thickness instruments with the magnetic induction method and eddy current method for the measurement of paint, anodize, powder coating, and plating.
  • Special application instruments such as measuring copper plating thickness in through holes or on pc-boards or the using the coulometric test method for multi coating systems

Material Analysis with FISCHERSCOPE® X-ray

  • X-ray fluorescence is a highly effective tool for materials analysis. It provides simple, fast and accurate analysis of unknown materials.
  • Fast results are possible to test for WEEE and RoHS compliance. Element detection from Aluminum to Uranium is possible even at very low concentrations.
  • The Gold Assay instruments ideally suited for the fast, non-destructive and accurate gold content measurement in jewelry and precious metals.

Material Testing

  • Measurement of ferrite content of welds and plating
  • Measurement of conductivity
  • Porosity testing of electrically non-conductive coatings
  • Sealing quality tester for anodic coatings on aluminum
  • Micro-hardness of all bulk materials
  •  Scratch testing

Micro- and Nanoindenation

The high demands of today’s surfaces and coatings that are engineered to be very hard, very thin or visco-elastic require correspondingly powerful measurement methods and systems. Make quick, precise and effective measurements of mechanical properties (hardness, modulus, creep, etc.) of these coatings, components, cross-sections treated and modified surface using our nanoindentation testers.

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PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards

Fischerscope X-ray Measurement Systems

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Fischerscope X-ray Measurement Systems


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Coating Thickness Measurement of Thin Gold and Palladium Coatings on Printed Circuit Boards using X-Ray Fluorescence

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