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PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards

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As trends towards the miniaturization and increased functional integration of electronics, the demands on quality assurance are rising. FISCHER has many coating thickness measurement solutions for the electronics sector.

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PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards

PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards


PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards


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Fischer Technology, Inc.


PHASCOPE® PMP10 for Measuring Coatings on PC Boards Description:

The hand-held PHASCOPE® PMP10 is ideally suited for quality control in the electroplating and printed circuit board (PCB) industries. Because the instrument employs the phase-sensitive eddy current method (ISO 21 968), it allows the measurement of metal coatings on any substrate.

The phase-sensitive eddy current method offers great advantages in measuring small objects such as screws, nuts and bolts, since the geometry of the part being measured exerts very little influence on the measurement itself: Even rough surfaces can be measured precisely with the PHASCOPE® PMP10. This method also enables non-contact measuring; for example, the thickness of copper plating on a circuit board can be measured irrespective of protective lacquer coatings.

Using specialized probes optimized for specific measurement tasks, the PHASCOPE® PMP10 is particularly suitable for the following:


  • Hand-held instrument for rapid and precise coating thickness measurement according to the phase sensitive eddy current method DIN EN ISO 21968
  • Copper thickness measurement on pc-boards (probe ESD20Cu with 60 kHz or 240 kHz)
  • Copper plating in through-holes of pc-boards (probe ESL080)
  • Thickness measurement of metallic coatings on ferrous, non-ferrous metallic or electrically non-conductive parts
  • Delivery with PC software FISCHER DataCenter with the following functionality: Transferring and archiving measurement data, comprehensive statistical and graphical evaluations, easy creation and printing of inspection reports

Typical fields of application:

  • Zinc, copper, aluminum coatings on steel and iron (probe ESD20Zn for rough surfaces)
  • Zinc coatings on small steel parts (probe ESD2.4 for small measurement area)
  • Galvanic nickel coatings on steel and iron (probe ESD20Ni,
  • 60 KHz or 240 kHz)

A variety of detachable smart probes are available with different measurement frequencies to optimally meet your application requirements. The PMP10 also features a large easy to read backlit LCD display, menu driven operator guidance, multiple application memories, and extensive statistical capabilities with FISCHER DataCenter and RS232 interface for data download to a PC.


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