Maskless Lithography

Founded in 2005, Maskless Lithography designs and manufactures innovative, direct-write, digital imaging lithography products for high-yield PCB manufacturing.


Maskless Lithography is driven by a vision to provide digital imaging solutions at production speeds for its PCB customers throughout the world.

The company has grown quickly since its inception, achieving several major milestones. The company has tripled in size, particularly in the area of design and customer technical support. Today, it has a total global footprint that provides first class technical sales, service and support throughout Asia and North America. A rapidly growing customer base is quickly taking full advantage of the lowest cost per print in the industry today using standard and much less expensive material sets.

Winning Technology

As the limitations of contact printing become apparent, particularly as the PCB industry approaches 50 micron feature sizes, customers are quickly turning their attention to Maskless' direct-write digital imaging technologies, commonly known as DI. Direct write imaging achieves more than twice the throughout of conventional digital technologies like laser direct imaging (LDI) and dot matrix, which also require very costly special resist and other support features. The company’s MLI-2000™ and recently unveiled MLI-3000™ product families provide an unrivaled, industry best cost of ownership for Maskless Lithography customers worldwide.

The company's new MLI-3000™ was recently awarded most innovative product of show by IPC APEX Expo. The new system was featured in the IPC APEX Expo Technology Innovation Showcase at the annual PCB industry event.

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MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System

Digital Imaging at Production Speeds Maskless Lithography's innovative direct-write, digital imaging solutions are fast becoming the digital lithography of choice for PCB makers worldwide. MLI-3000™ Series uses...


MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System

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Maskless Lithography Receives Multi-System Purchase Order for North America.

Nov 28, 2012 | Maskless has recently received a purchase order from their North American Distributors, Technica USA for 6 systems.

Maskless Lithography sells D.I. line to RJR Circuits, Inc.

Nov 13, 2012 | Maskless Lithography has recently completed installation of a new digital imaging system at RJR Circuits, Inc. of Denver, Colorado.

Maskless Lithography to Exhibit at PCB West 2012

Oct 01, 2012 | Bill Elder, President & CEO of U.S.-based Direct Imaging Equipment Manufacturer Maskless Lithography, announced recently that his company will be exhibiting at PCB West to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center September 25 to 27 with the actual exhibition being held on Wednesday September 26.

Maskless Lithography Appoints D.B. Management Group to handle Marketing effort

Jun 13, 2012 | Maskless Lithography announced the appointment of D.B. Management Group L.L.C to strengthen the company’s marketing plan.

Maskless Lithography Appoints Wolfenbarger National Sales Manager

Jun 12, 2012 | Maskless Lithography, announced the appointment of industry veteran Mark Wolfenbarger to the position of North American Sales Manager. In this new position Mr. Wolfenbarger will be responsible for all North American Sales. He will be working very closely with Technica USA, Maskless Lithography’s distributor in North America.

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