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MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System

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Founded in 2005, Maskless Lithography designs and manufactures innovative, direct-write, digital imaging lithography products for high-yield PCB manufacturing.

San Jose, California, USA


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MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System

MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System


MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System



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Maskless Lithography


MLI-3000™ Digital Imaging Production System Description:

Digital Imaging at Production Speeds

Maskless Lithography's innovative direct-write, digital imaging solutions are fast becoming the digital lithography of choice for PCB makers worldwide.

MLI-3000™ Series uses its patented Gray Level Imaging process to produce superior side-to-side registration accuracy, achieving the highest throughput in the PCB industry. Leveraging its core direct-write, digital imaging technology, Maskless’ MLI-2000™ and MLI-3000™ products offer:

  • Highest Throughput in the PCB Industry with Standard Resists -Controlled material costs and availability.
  • Next Generation Digital Printer - MLI’s Direct Digital Imaging Systems are powered by a patented, breakthrough Gray Level Imaging technology (GLI) which provides unprecedented print speeds on standard resists.
  • Best in Class Side-to-Side Registration - MLI’s Direct Digital Imaging Systems utilize a patented “hole free” alignment technology producing superior side-to-side registration accuracy.
  • Fastest ROI in the Industry -MLI’s Direct Digital Imaging Systems have the fastest ROI of any competitive digital imaging system on the market.
  • No Cleam Room Required - MLI’s Direct Digital Imaging Systems are not affected by volatile organics so no special room with hydrocarbon-free filtration, etc. is required.
  • Flexible Alignment on Tight Tolerance Boards - The MLI digital technology provides precision measurement and advanced scaling so that layer patterns can be precisely registered to compensate for material distortions and thus minimize this source of yield loss.
  • Fits Easily in Existing Fabs - The system is the size of a small contact printer and can be operated in your existing photolithography clean room and no water cooling, no ancillary support equipment required.


Minimum feature size




Edge roughness

± 2.5µm

Light source

Mercury arc lamps

Registration accuracy

± 12.5µm

Maximum substrate size

26.2" x 32.1" (665mm x 815mm)

Maximum exposure area

26" x 32" (660mm x 813mm)

Maximum substrate thickness

0.315" (8.0mm)

Average data prep. time

12 seconds / panel


  • Inner layers
  • Outer layers
  • Sequential buid-up
  • Flex and rigid flex PCBs
  • MEMS

Standard configuration

  • Dynamic registration
  • Real time local scalling
  • ODD++ and Gerber input
  • Hole free inner layer registration
  • Serialization and alphanumeric
  • Internal vacuum system
  • Internal HEPA filter


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