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SMT 88U Underfill Series

SMT 88U Underfill Series

SMT 88U Underfill Series


SMT 88U Underfill Series



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YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.

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YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.

Yincae Advanced Materials, LLC is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high performance coatings, adhesives, electronic and optoelectronic materials.

Albany, New York, USA

Adhesives / Dispensing, Manufacturer of Assembly Material

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SMT 88U Underfill Series Description:

World's First Super Fast Low Temperature Underfill.

SMT88U is an adhesive, which combines the advantages of fast cure in UV adhesives, and the better reliability of capillary underfill. It can be underfilled at room temperature without preheating a substrate. Advantages include void-free underfill, easy rework, easy dispensing, outstanding reliability, and excellent mechanical resistance.

SMT88U can be used not only as an underfill for chip scale packaging, but also on ball grid array devices, package on package, land grid array, and certain flip chip applications. It is also suitable for bare chip protection in a variety of advanced packages such as memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits and multi-chip modules. (*SMT 88UB is shown in the image. The major difference between these two products are viscosity and color: 88U is colorless/88UB is black.)

  • room underfilling
  • lower temperature (88°C)
  • cure speed fast as UV light
  • reworkable
  • excellent thermal cycling performance

SMT88L: SMT88L features all the advantages of SMT88U, at a higher viscosity.

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