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SMT 158UL Room Temperature Underfill

SMT 158UL Room Temperature Underfill

SMT 158UL Room Temperature Underfill


SMT 158UL Room Temperature Underfill



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YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.

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YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.

Yincae Advanced Materials, LLC is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high performance coatings, adhesives, electronic and optoelectronic materials.

Albany, New York, USA

Adhesives/Dispensing, Manufacturer of Assembly Material

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SMT 158UL Room Temperature Underfill Description:

SMT 158UL is a super-fast flow capillary underfill, which can flow into 10μm gap at room temperature without preheating a substrate. After cure there is void free in underfill. The cured SMT 158UL can be easily reworked. SMT 158UL not only can be used as a underfill for chip scale package, ball grid array devices, package on package and land grid array and some flip chip application.  It is also suitable for bare chip protection in a variety of advanced packages such as memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits and multi-chip modules. It is designed for high production and friendly environment where process speed and mechanical shock are the key concern. This material is easily dispensed, minimizes induced stresses and provides outstanding reliability performance (e.g. temperature cycling performance) and excellent mechanical resistance. The performance of drop test has been improved by two orders of magnitude compared with that with the use of solder paste. 

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