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ACI, an authorized IPC Training Center operating the National Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence providing analytical testing, manufacturing and repair services to the electronics industry.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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 Reliability Engineering Services

 Reliability Engineering Services


Reliability Engineering Services


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ACI Technologies, Inc.


Reliability Engineering Services Description:

With our well-equipped environmental and test laboratories, we can assist customers in developing and validating reliability models to simulate product lifetimes and field failures for their products.

ACI utilizes Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) and Environmental Stress Testing (EST) during the development and production phases of a project, which can yield significant improvements in field reliability and reductions in maintenance costs.

ACI has the in-house equipment capability to perform Vibration, mechanical and thermal Shock, Highly Accelerated Temperature/Humidity Stress Test (HAST), temperature, humidity, salt fog, and a multitude of other simulated environments for accelerated ESS and EST.

ACI has the capability and expertise to help analyze, identify and correct potential manufacturing process and component defects, to help improve development and manufacturing processes and costs, field reliability, and customer maintenance costs. This capability can also be used to periodically check production units for shifts in design margins, manufacturing processes, or component quality. Our cross-functional engineering team is utilized to achieve implementation efficiencies.

Having access to all of these services under one roof translates into a convenient, time saving, and highly efficient product design validation. Our engineers are well versed in the military and commercial product qualifications requirements for your specific application.

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