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ACI Technologies, Inc.

ACI, an authorized IPC Training Center operating the National Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence providing analytical testing, manufacturing and repair services to the electronics industry.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Consultant, Design, IPC Standards Certification Center, Service Provider, Training Provider

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ACI Technologies Inc. - Commercial Services - Engineering, Manufacturing, Analytical and Electronics Manufacturing Training (IPC Certification Training and Custom Electronics Manufacturing Courses)

Counterfeit components screening is the investigation of components that are not performing as compared to the respective data sheet and/or have come from an unqualified or uncertified distributor.

We can assist in the analysis of counterfeit components using a wide range of analytical techniques and screening methods. Inspection of suspected counterfeit components is executed to the SAE AS5553 standard.

The analytical tools that we use to assist with our inspections are as follows and can be found in our Capabilities Guide.

Microscopy services offered by ACI are:

  • Analyze for marking removal: black topping, laser marking,chemical washing
  • Comprehensive final report detailing findings
  • Date code changes
  • Detect simulated laser marking
  • Lead free analysis
  • Lead free remarking
  • Lead integrity
  • Solvency testing to determine marking permanency
  • Verify markings: logos, date and lot codes, ink marks
  • Visual and mechanical inspection
  • X-ray analysis

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