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ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Dry Storage Cabinets

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Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment. We produce air gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, rare gases, etc.) and many other gases, including hydrogen.

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ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Dry Storage Cabinets

ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Dry Storage Cabinets


ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Dry Storage Cabinets


Board Handling - Storage

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Air Liquide


ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Dry Storage Cabinets Description:

Intelligent Dry Storage Cabinets for Moisture Sensitive Devices

The control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) prior to reflow soldering is a topic at the forefront of electronics manufacturing. Assemblers are adopting moisture management solutions in order to comply with the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standard.

Strategies to comply with the standard typically involve the use of dry cabinets. However, not all cabinets are created equal and only tightly controlled atmosphere cabinets provide an adequate solution.

  • Prevent Moisture AbsorptionDry / Dehumidify your Components
  • Maintain Components Solderability
  • Proprietary N2 smart controller delivers constant and low RH %
  • Dual flow regenerates dry atmosphere in less than 60 seconds
  • Protection against overpressure and O2 depleted atmosphere100 % ESD compatible
  • Protect from Oxidation, Dust, ParticulatesTotal Solution from AIR LIQUIDE

Dry Box Atmosphere Control is Critical

The use of dry cabinets in managing moisture sensitive devices is highly recommended by the IPC/JEDEC standard. Dry cabinets prove particularly useful in removing moisture from short-term exposed components and as a storage point for components after baking. However, to really perceive these benefits the dry cabinet has to be able to deliver and maintain low relative humidity atmosphere. Maintaining the atmosphere is particularly a challenge with the cabinet’s doors opening and closing frequently during manufacturing operations.

Unfortunately, most cabinets makers have failed in meeting this key requirement. Typical dry boxes using a compressed dry gas or equipped with a self-desiccating system usually take up to hours to deliver the desired RH %. And because the cabinets are loaded and unloaded frequently, the atmosphere is rarely at the targeted level. With these objectives in mind, AIR LIQUIDE has drawn on years of experience with atmosphere in electronics manufacturing to create the ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ cabinet. The ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ cabinet features a high quality, gas tight box with a smart dry atmosphere controller.

ALIX™ SMD-DRY™ Cabinet Features:

  • Storage Box :
    • 3 distinct compartments
    • Stainless steel, ESD compatible
    • Protection against overpressure
    • Moisture % RH indicator
    • Shelving provided
  • Smart N2 controller:
    • Dual flows: maintain and hi flow
    • Door sensor which activate hi-flow after opening
    • 60 seconds to renew atmosphere at target
    • Alarms on extended door opening time
    • Alarms on low N2 pressure inlet

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