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2929 Bondply - Advanced Circuit Laminate

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Rogers' high performance laminates and bondplies are engineered to meet stringent customer requirements for 5G wireless communication, wired infrastructure, automotive radar sensors, aerospace, satellites and more.

Chandler, Arizona, USA


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2929 Bondply - Advanced Circuit Laminate

2929 Bondply - Advanced Circuit Laminate


2929 Bondply - Advanced Circuit Laminate



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Rogers Corporation


2929 Bondply - Advanced Circuit Laminate Description:

2929 bondply is an unreinforced hydrocarbon based thin film adhesive system intended for use in high performance, high reliability multi-layer constructions.  A low dielectric constant (2.9) and loss tangent (<0.003) at microwave frequencies makes it ideal for bonding multi-layer boards (MLB's) made using PTFE composite materials such as RT/duroid® 6002 series and RO3000® series laminates. The proprietary cross-linking resin system makes this thin film adhesive system compatible with sequential bond processing while controlled flow characteristics offer blind via fi ll capability and potentially predictable cutback ratios for designs requiring blind cavities.

2929 bondply is compatible with traditional fl at press and autoclave bonding. The fi lm is currently available in 0.0015”, 0.002” and 0.003” sheet thicknesses (0.038mm, 0.051mm, and 0.076mm). Individual sheets can be stacked to yield thicker adhesive layers. The unreinforced thin fi lm can be tack bonded to inner-layers to ease simultaneous machining of cut-outs through core and adhesive layers. An easy-to-release carrier fi lm protects the adhesive layer from contamination during the machining and MLB booking processes.

Product Features:

  • Low Dielectric constant and loss tangent
  • Ideal for multi-layer bonding
  • Compatible with traditional processing methods
  • Compatible with a broad range of material types including PTFE composites
  • Reliable through sequential bonding
  • Can be tack bonded to inner-layer surfaces prior to machining cut-outs
  • Excellent blind via fi ll capability
  • Predictable control of postbond thickness

Typical applications:

  • Automotive Radar and Sensors
  • Point-to-point Microwave
  • Base Station Antennas
  • Power Amplifi ers
  • Phased Array Radar
  • RF Components
  • Patch Antennas
  • Power Backplanes


Laminate samples can be requested through our sample request system.

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