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RO4000® Series High Frequency Circuit Materials

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Rogers' high performance laminates and bondplies are engineered to meet stringent customer requirements for 5G wireless communication, wired infrastructure, automotive radar sensors, aerospace, satellites and more.

Chandler, Arizona, USA


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RO4000® Series High Frequency Circuit Materials

RO4000® Series High Frequency Circuit Materials


RO4000® Series High Frequency Circuit Materials



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Rogers Corporation


RO4000® Series High Frequency Circuit Materials Description:

Woven Glass Reinforced, Ceramic Filled Thermoset

Rogers RO4000® high frequency circuit materials are glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates-not PTFE. They combine high frequency performance comparable to woven glass PTFE substrates with the ease-and hence low cost-of fabrication associated with epoxy/glass laminates. The RO4000 advanced circuit material is a woven glass reinforced, ceramic filled thermoset laminate with a very high glass transition temperature (Tg >280°C). Unlike PTFE based microwave materials, no special through-hole treatments or handling procedures are required. RO4003C was designed with a dielectric constant of 3.38. The RO4350B has a dielectric constant of 3.48 and is UL94V-0 rated.
RO4450B™ and RO4450F  prepregs were developed to enable users to build high frequency multilayers and are based upon the RO4000 series core materials. RO4450B and RO4450F prepregs are compatible in multilayer constructions with either RO4003C™, or RO4350B™ laminates. RO4000 series high frequency prepregs are compatible with the majority of standard FR4 processing practices. Prepreg technical information is provided in the RO4400 data sheet and fabrication guidelines below.

RO4500™and RO4730™ LoPro™ antenna grade laminates extend the RO4000 product series into large volume antenna applications. The ceramic filled, glass reinforced, hydrocarbon based material provides the controlled dielectric constant, low loss performance and excellent passive intermodulation response required for mobile infrastructure microstrip antenna applications. Contact us at 480-961-1382 for more information and sampling of these new products.

LoPro™ Reverse-Treated Copper Foil Option is now available for RO4000® series laminates! This special interface technology works with RO4000 materials for improved insertion loss and outstanding passive intermodulation characteristics.

Product Features:

  • An alternative to PTFE
  • Excellent high frequency performance due to tight dielectric tolerance and low loss
  • Stable electrical properties versus frequency
  • Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant
  • Low Z-axis expansion
  • Low in-plane expansion coefficient
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Volume manufacturing process
  • Easy, low cost fabrication
  • RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly


Laminate samples can be requested through our sample request system.

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