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Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station

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Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station

Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station


Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Mobile BGA Rework Station


Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station Description:

Scotle-HR360 BGA Rework Station

Products Description
Scotle-HR360 BGA rework station is with 7.2 inch touch screen.

Scotle-HR360 applies ARM32 bit microprocessor.
Scotle-HR360 can generate profile automatically during reworking process.
Scotle-HR360 is equipped with infrared remote control which can improve operators' work efficiency.

Scotle-hr360's Upper and lower fan revolving speed can be adjusted from 0 to 100%, which is especially convenient for small BGA breeze soldering .

SCOTLE-HR360 use high quality heating material which produces high temperature breeze and precisely control BGA desoldering and soldering process.

It's heating head is movable all around for easy operation.

Upper/lower hot air, can control temperature precisely according to the temperature setting, and bottom IR constant temperature heating and reasonable temperature control makes rework safer and more reliable.
BGA support frame in soldering area, can micro-adjust the support height to prevent local soldering area from sinking.

SCOTLE-HR360 with powerful cross flow fan, cools down the bottom heating areas quickly.

SCOTLE-HR360 with multi-function PCB positioning supports, PCB location convenient and quick and suitable for irregular-shaped boards installation and location.

With hand vacuum sunction pen, easy for picking up BGA ic chips away.

SCOTLE-HR360 with different sizes of alloy air nozzles, easy for replacement, and can be customized according to specific needs.

SCOTLE-HR360 is equipped with laser alignment device, makes PCB location more convenient and quicker.

SCOTLE-HR360 with SSR operation display function makes temperature control safer and more reliable.

Below are the technical specification:

PCB size:W20*D20~W460*D370mm
Applicable BGA:2*2-60*60mm
Max BGA weight:80g
PCB locating way:outer or jig
Upper heater:hot air, 600W
Lower heater:hot air, 800W
Bottom pre-heater:IR 2400W
Power:single-phase 220V、50/60Hz
Machine size:L620*W600*H650mm

Standard accessories:

1) upper nozzle 6pcs(26x26  31x31 38x38  41x41 44x44 22x22 )
2) lower big and small nozzle(each 1pcs)
3) Allen wrench 1set
4) User manual 1pcs
5) Brush 1pcs
6) Suction nozzle 3pcs
7) Thermocouple wire: 1pcs
8) Reball aluminum sheet 1pcs
9) Jig 6pcs/set
10) Heat tape 1pcs
11) Tool kits 1pcs

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