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Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station

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Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station

Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station


Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station


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Mobile BGA Rework Station


Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station Description:

Scotle HR6000 BGA Rework Station

Products Description
Scotle HR6000 is a two temperature zones BGA rework station, and the top is hot air head and bottom is infrared heater.

Scotle HR6000 is designed by an excellent team with very experienced technicians from UK who did BGA rework for 8 years, it will definately more friendly to users.

Scotle HR6000 is designed for repair cell phones, Xbox, notebook and other consumer electronics with not large PCBA boards.

We have 110V and 220V Scotle HR6000 for your selection.

Scotle HR6000 technical details is as below:
Total Power 2000w
Top heater 800W
Bottom heater 1200w
power AC220V±10%/AC110V±10%   50/60Hz    
Dimensions L470×W370×H500 mm
Positioning V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in X,Ydirection with external universal fixture
Temperature control K thermocouple (K Sensor)Closed loop
Temp accuracy ±2 degree
PCB size Max 300mmⅹ300mm  Min20mmⅹ20mm
BGA chip 5*5~55*55
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
Net weight About 14.5KG

Scotle HR6000 main features as below:

1. It is two temperature design and the top is hot air head and bottom is infrared head. The two temperature zones are independently controlled with high precision controller.

2. Scote HR6000 can store 10 groups temperature profiles. And can set 8 segments ramp up and 8 segments constant temperature.

3. Scotle HR6000 applies high precise k-type thermocouple with closed-loop control and it is also automatic temperature compensation system. And external temperature sensor can help to analyze and certify the temperature parameters of the actual temperature profile.

4. With PLC and temperature module, Scotle HR6000 can keep the temperature deviation within ±2 degrees.

5. Scotle HR6000 uses removable V-groose design fixture which makes PCB board of different sizes positoning easily, quickly and safely.

6. Scotle HR6000 is also equipped with universal removable pole which can protect PCBA from deformation , and also can avoid damaging the surrounding components. What's more, it is suitable for irregular PCB board with different sizes of BGA.

7. Scotle HR6000 is equipped with different alloy hot air nozzles for different size BGA rework and those hot air nozzles can be rotated in 360 degrees which are very easy to be installed, positioned and replaced.

8. Scotle HR6000 is with alarm function which will buzz when the soldering or desoldering is about to finish.

9. After finishing the soldering or desoldering , there is large flow cross fan to cooling the PCB which can prevent PCB deformation and get to the soldering effect.

10. Scotle HR6000 is equipped with emergency stop switch and automatic power-off protection device in case of emergency happening.

11. Scotle HR6000 can be connected with computer by RS232 serial port.

Note: scotle hr6000 is with the same size as the achi ir6000, but the heating area is a little bigger.

Scotl HR6000 Accessories:

4 hot air nozzles(15x15mm   20x20mm   31x31mm  38x38mm)
1 RS232 Serial port
1 k-type thercouple

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