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EP-600 Two-part Silver Conductive Epoxy

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Supplier of high quality engineered materials, including conductive and resistive inks, UV curable dielectrics and insulators, adhesives, coatings, transducer inks and potting compounds.

Hudson, New Hampshire, USA


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EP-600 Two-part Silver Conductive Epoxy

EP-600 Two-part Silver Conductive Epoxy


EP-600 Two-part Silver Conductive Epoxy



Offered by:

Conductive Compounds, Inc.


EP-600 Two-part Silver Conductive Epoxy Description:

The EP-600 conductive epoxy adhesive is designed to attach components, such as resistors, LEDs and grounding wires to metal and plastic substrates where solder or other conductive epoxies requiring high temperature curing cannot be used. It enables fast throughput manufacturing of PTF circuits built on temperature sensitive substrates, such as PET and for snap curing at low temperatures.

Low cure temperatures - Strong bonds

The silver-filled conductive epoxy can be cured at temperatures ranging from 20°C to 140°C with cure times ranging from 48 hours to 2-6 minutes, depending on the temperature. Snap cure times are possible at higher temperatures. EP-600 conductive epoxy will cure at room temperature, but heat curing at higher temperatures is recommended since it produces increased bond strength and electrical conductivity. EP-600, unlike single-part epoxies, will continue to cure at room temperature after removal from an oven, if curing is not completed.

Once cured, sheer and lateral strength tests show that EP-600 epoxy joints on print-treated PET substrates demonstrate 30 to 40 percent greater bond strength than other conductive epoxies. EP-600 epoxy's elasticity also allows for differences in thermal expansion properties of the bonded components and for flexing and bending substrates without fracturing surface mount joints.

Flexible dispensing options

Available in convenient pre-weighed pouches (CC Paks), EP-600 can be used in high speed automated dot dispense and screen printing production machines, as well as handheld dispensing equipment. CC Paks are the most convenient, easy to mix and popular EP-600 packaging option. Bulk packaging containers are also available.

Once mixed, the rhelogical properties of EP-600 allow for small, accurate and repeatable dot geometries over a four-hour period. Its non-stringing characteristics exhibit quick break-off after dispensing to avoid shorts. Tests have shown that EP-600 can reduce dispensing times by up to 70 percent on high speed automated dispensing equipment.

"EP-600 was developed using our materials expertise and broad knowledge of the manufacturing processes and unique requirements of the PTF industry," explains Don Banfield, Conductive Compounds co-founder and product manager. "We understand electronic manufacturing processes and have designed our conductive inks and epoxies for both high- and low-volume applications, and continue to commercialize new products in response to continuous technology advances in the electronics industry. We are able to respond quickly to provide customized formulations for unique requirements, and back this with unsurpassed customer service and technical support."

Typical Properties:


Part A

Part B


Thixotropic dark silver colored paste

Straw colored liquid

Mix Ratio

100 parts A (by weight) to 10 parts B

Shelf Life (Unmixed)

6 months in unopened container

Pot Life (25 Grams, Room Temperature)

> 4 hours

Thin Film Set Time (.001" @ 25°C)

>12 hours

Total % NV Solids


Hegman Gauge


Volume Resistivity (ref. ASTM D-257)

<1.0 x 10-3ω-cm

Operating Temperature Range (Fully Cured)

-55°C To +125°C continuous intermittent at higher temperatures

Application Guidelines

Dot dispensing can be accomplished utilizing positive displacement or pneumatic actuated equipment. EP-600 exhibits quick breakoff after dispensing, and will not cause shorts from stringing in high speed automated production processes. In small volume production environments, EP-600 can be mixed and manually loaded into syringes for dispensing with hand held equipment.

The rheological properties of EP-600 allow for accurate and repeatable dot geometries over a four hour window. While the viscosity of the mixed material will change over four hours, most dot dispense equipment can easily compensate for the rheological changes to accurately maintain dot configuration. Although it is not generally recommended, some customers are able to use EP-600 for six hours after mixing.


EP-600 is available in pre-weighed open containers, and pre-weighed, separated plastic pouches (CC-Packs). There is no minimum purchase quantity with these packaging configurations, and we can provide open containers with any specified amount of material. We also offer EP-600 premixed, vacuum degassed and frozen in syringes. The amount of material contained in each syringe can be specified by the customer, so that the entire syringe is used up within four hours on the production line. This packaging option requires a minimum of 100 syringes per shipment. Shelf life of premixed and frozen material is 30 days when stored at -40°C.

Conductive Compounds, Inc. can modify the cure speed, working time, or rheology of EP-600 to make it more compatible with your unique manufacturing process. EP-600 is compatible with all of our silver conductive inks, UV curable encapsulants, dielectrics and conformal coatings.

All Conductive Compounds R&D and manufacturing takes place at its Hudson, N.H. facility. Products are generally shipped within 48 hours after an order is received.

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