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EP-900 Two-part Silver Stencil Epoxy For Stencil Printing

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Supplier of high quality engineered materials, including conductive and resistive inks, UV curable dielectrics and insulators, adhesives, coatings, transducer inks and potting compounds.

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EP-900 Two-part Silver Stencil Epoxy For Stencil Printing

EP-900 Two-part Silver Stencil Epoxy For Stencil Printing


EP-900 Two-part Silver Stencil Epoxy For Stencil Printing



Offered by:

Conductive Compounds, Inc.


EP-900 Two-part Silver Stencil Epoxy For Stencil Printing Description:

EP-900 is a unique, two part electrically conductive epoxy adhesive used for component attachment, termination and other applications in hybrid circuits, membrane switches and other electromechanical assemblies. The rheology of EP-900 make it an ideal material for screen or stencil printing. EP-900 exhibits excellent adhesion to most metal and plastic substrates and has excellent temperature resistance and toughness. EP-900 is available in pre-weighed and sealed plastic pouches, open containers or plastic syringes. For dot dispense processes, EP-1000 single component or EP-600 two component adhesives are recommended.

Curing Schedule (Time at Temperature)/ 90% Cure/Complete Cure

  • 120°C/ 5 minutes/ 15 minutes
  • 140°C/ 3 minutes/ 5 to 7 minutes

At 90% cure, the assembly can generally be handled carefully without the danger of damaging the adhesive bond. EP-900 will not continue to cure at room temperature once heat is removed. Cure times above are intended as guidelines and are dependent on the actual glue line being held at the given temperature.

Typical Properties:


Part A

Part B


Thixotropic dark silver colored paste

Straw colored liquid

Viscosity (mixed, room temperature)

80,000 cps mixed

Mix Ratio

100 parts A (by weight) to 3.6 parts B

Shelf Life (Unmixed)

6 months in unopened container

Pot Life (25 Grams, Room Temperature)

> 4 hours

Thin Film Set Time (.001" @ 25°C)

>12 hours

Total % NV Solids


Hegman Gauge


Volume Resistivity (ref. ASTM D-257)

<1.0 x 10-3ω-cm

Operating Temperature Range (Fully Cured)

-55°C To +125°C continuous intermittent at higher temperatures

Application Guidelines

For screening, a monofilament polyester (157 to 200 mesh) or a stainless steel (165 to 270 mesh) screen is recommended, with emulsion thickness between .001" and .003". A polyurethane squeegee with a Shore 'A' durometer between 60 and 70 is recommended. Stencil thickness of .001" to .003" are recommended.

In general, a more open screen with thicker emulsions, or a thicker stencil will give a larger pad of adhesive for bonding devices. However, thinner emulsions and stencils provide thinner pads that are less susceptible to wicking and shorting out during high temperature curing - especially with smaller surface mounted devices. EP-900 can be thinned with solvent. Contact us for samples of non-toxic, non flammable solvent appropriate for thinning.

Because EP-900 has a shelf life of 30 days at room temperature, the rheological properties allow for accurate and repeatable pad geometries over long production runs. While the viscosity of the mixed material will change gradually over the 30 day storage window, most application equipment can easily compensate for the rheological changes to accuragely maintain pad configuration.


EP-900 is available in pre-weighed open containers, plastic pouches and EFD type syringes. There is no minimum purchase quantity with the open container packaging option. Contact us for more information about plastic pouch or EFD type syringe packaging configurations.

The above guidelines are intended to provide a starting point for evaluation. Conductive Compounds Inc recognises that each customer's manufacturing process is unique and we can customise the rheology and curing properties of EP-900 to conform more closely to your process parameters. Call us to discuss your application in more detail.

NOTE: Although the above properties are accurate to the best of our knowledge, Conductive Compounds Inc makes no guarantees for customer specifications established in applications where this product is used. Customer assumes responsibility for determining fitness of use in their particular application.

Conductive Compounds, Inc. can modify the cure speed, working time, or rheology of EP-900 to make it more compatible with your unique manufacturing process. EP-900 is compatible with all of our silver conductive inks, UV curable encapsulants, dielectrics and conformal coatings. Contact us for suitability of use with other materials. EP-900 is not recommended for applications requiring room temperature curing.

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