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VRI Variable Resistance Carbon Ink

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Supplier of high quality engineered materials, including conductive and resistive inks, UV curable dielectrics and insulators, adhesives, coatings, transducer inks and potting compounds.

Hudson, New Hampshire, USA


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VRI Variable Resistance Carbon Ink

VRI Variable Resistance Carbon Ink


VRI Variable Resistance Carbon Ink



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Conductive Compounds, Inc.


VRI Variable Resistance Carbon Ink Description:

Variable Resistive Inks (VRI) Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Inks

Outstanding Mechanical Abrasion Resistance

The VRI product line is composed of several inks having different precision resistance values so custom blending for intermediate resistance values can be done on press. VRI inks have exceptional mechanical abrasion resistance and are stable at high temperatures & humidity.

VRI carbon inks are used to manufacture printed rheostats, potentiometers, printed discrete resistors to replace surface mounted discrete components, as well as other electronic devices exposed to mechanical abrasion. VRI inks are available in different resistance ranges, and can be blended to get precise, linear and repeatable resistance values.  Conductive Compounds’ VRI inks have exceptional resistance to mechanical abrasion, and will withstand more than 1 million linear or rotary abrasion cycles without losing significant electrical resistance.  VRI inks have outstanding electrical resistance linearity, Output Smoothness (OS), Total Resistance (TR) and Contact Resistance Variance (CRV), even when exposed to over 1 million abrasion cycles and heat/humidity cycling. 

VRI inks can be applied by stencil or screen printing processes and have excellent adhesion to PET (polyester) and polyimide films, FR4, copper and printed silver ink conductive traces as well as a variety of other substrates.   VRI inks are available in different standard resistance ranges, and are designed for blending to achieve intermediate values or to obtain even more precise electrical resistance tolerances. Resistance values for VRI ink, as supplied, have a tolerance of +/- 5% from lot to lot.

VRI inks are functional replacements for Minico and other carbon inks used in the manufacture of potentiometers and rheostats for automotive controls, joysticks for video games and controllers, lighting controls and industrial controls.


  • Rigid substrates such as FR-4, FR-3, ceramic, CEM-1, CEM-3 and other inorganic and organic material   used for printed circuit assemblies
  • Potentiometers
  • Rheostats
  • Linear actuators
  • Wherever stable electrical resistance at higher temperatures is required

Features Summary:

  • Variable resistance carbon inks for blending to achieve specific resistance values
  • Electrically conductive
  • Screen printable
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistant
  • Precise and stabile resistance over time

All Conductive Compounds Inc.’s R&D and manufacturing is done in the USA at its Hudson, NH facility. Products are generally shipped within 48 hours after an order is received.

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