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SMD Plastic Reels


Tape and Reel Equipment

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Mid America Taping and Reeling, Inc.

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Mid America Taping and Reeling, Inc.

The leader in component automation preparation since 1983. Surface mount, axial & radial tape and reel, programming, baking, distribution of all materials used in these processes. ISO9001-2008, WBE

Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Distributor, Tape and Reel Services

  • Phone +1 630-629-6646
  • Fax +1 630-871-2311

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The Right Take Up Reel Can Drastically Reduce Downtime.

One surface mount reel is not the same as another. Our precision-molded take up reels are designed to efficiently and precisely automate your assembly-line processes for both standard and custom components…so you can meet your most exacting deadlines all within your tight budget.

MATR offers two types of take up reels:


Standard 3-Part Plastic Reels

No other company carries MATR’s EXCLUSIVE mix-and-match, lock-and-load 3 piece surface mount reels! For the best flexibility, choose our 3-piece polystyrene take up reels – two flanges and a core. Each incorporates our stepped hub for a perfectly round and flawless finished product.


Heavy Duty 2-Part Plastic Reels

No other company offers MATR’s EXCLUSIVE 2-piece snap-lock take up reels! If youʼre looking for the most durable reel at the best price, our 2-piece polystyrene take up reels – with the core built in to one flange – may be the perfect choice for you.

Weʼve made ordering easy. Not quite sure which surface mount reel is right for you? CALL 1-630-629-6646 or email us at

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