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Mid America Taping and Reeling, Inc.

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Mid America Taping and Reeling, Inc.

The leader in component automation preparation since 1983. Surface mount, axial & radial tape and reel, programming, baking, distribution of all materials used in these processes. ISO9001-2008, WBE

Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA

Component Packaging, Component Preparation, Distributor, Tape and Reel Services

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For over 15 years, Mid America has been leading the industry evolution to larger reels, 15 and 22 inch. This is driven from the desire for increased placement efficiency and reduced changeover time, resulting in significant cost reductions. The 15 inch reel, will hold 50% more parts than a standard 13 inch.

In 2011, Mid America has developed a new "two piece" 15 inch snap lock reel, that has the hub molded as an integral part of the flange.

This latest design, is better suited for the use of higher part per reel counts, that has resulted in much heavier reels than was previously experienced. Our tests have proven these new reels hold up very well under the rigors of parcel shipping, with minimal packing support, resulting in more cost savings.

These reels are molded and manufactured here in Illinois from virgin high impact polystyrene, with 10% recycled material content. These very latest designs, incorporate all important criteria, such as a generous label area, along with weight reduction versus strength considerations. Unlike many other "two piece" reel options, these snap lock reels, have a design feature that will allow for dis-assembly as well.

With both 4 inch and 6 inch core diameters available, we can provide a 15 inch "reel" solution in widths from 8mm to 56mm. We are confident, once you evaluate this 2011 design, you will agree it is the best option for your production needs.

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