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Manufacturer and distributor of HDI electronic materials for the printed circuit board industry


Integral Technology, Inc. develops, produces and markets new product technologies for broad use applications for the electronic manufacturing and assembly industry. Products are developed through collaboration with materials suppliers, electronic material manufacturers and OEM’s. In order to continue to drive product innovation and push traditional materials to new limit’s these new technical material are integral to fulfilling the need.

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Zeta™ Cap - Ultra Thin, High Performance PCB Cap Material

Zeta® Cap, a glass-free laminate produced by Integral Technology has received US Patent No. 8,188,373. The patent was filed as an improved insulating layer for rigid printed circuit boards. Zeta® Cap and other related laminates have bec...


Zeta™ Cap - Ultra Thin, High Performance PCB Cap Material

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Pad Cratering - The Invisible Threat to the Electronics Industry

Sep 06, 2012 | Chris Hunrath

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. Pad Cratering opens circuits. This occurs when the resin crack (fracture) migrates through a copper trace or via. This happens at assembly, in service or during handling. When com...

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Focus is on Zeta® Laminates as TTM Technologies Becomes World's First Certified Zeta® Fabricator in PCB Industry

Sep 06, 2012 | Integral Technology has announced that PCB manufacturer TTM Technologies of Santa Ana, CA, will be the first factory certified to produce circuit boards using Integral's revolutionary Zeta® dielectric films.

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