NOTE offer a full range of surface mount, through-hole and mixed technology PCB assembly capabilities, along with component sourcing, testing and full turnkey box build services.


NOTE is one of the leading EMS/CEM companies in Scandinavia and has wholly owned manufacturing units in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China.

NOTE UK's strategy is to provide PCA/SMA development, NPI expertise, competence, capability, test, assembly, logistics and after sales service. Strategic investment, at Stonehouse, has been focused on surface mount production capability with top range placement equipment for POP, BGA, flip chip assembly and devices as small as 01005.

Everything we do is designed to make your company more successful by offering electronics manufacturing services (EMS) from design to after-sales services in close cooperation and proximity with customers.

Our Nearsourcing centres focus on local production; from the vital first links of the value chain such as development, prototyping and industrialisation; through to low to medium volume production. These centres are located in key customer regions in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK.

Our Industrial Plants are units with high production capacity, located in cost-efficient countries. Our focus is the middle segments of the value chain with cost-efficient volume production. NOTE has Industrial Plants in Estonia and China. Close links with the Nearsourcing centres allows an almost seamless transfer of production as volumes ramp up.


Global manufacturing solutions provider

One stop service for all SMT and PCB needs