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We do Component Level Repair training on Laptops, including BGA work, and hand soldering all SMD components.Included in our packages is the ability to fault find and diagnose problems in circuits.

Repair / Rework, Soldering, Consultant

Welcome to the World of Component Level Laptop Repair. What is component level repair?

If Best Buy, Fry Electronics, Circuit City or other Laptop Repair companies ask you to replace the motherboard, or LCD, please send your laptop to us. We just need to replace the components that have failed in order to save the motherboard and reduce your cost.  Don't believe someone that tells your laptop is un-repairable until we have looked at it!! It is a repair process which consists of the ability to replace any component on a motherboard or PCB. It is not just being able to replace a dc jack but it is the ability to replace any component on the motherboard. This is what we do every day and we have a high level of success doing it. We replace BGA's, SMT's, SMD's, any and all IC's, DC Jack's, Ethernet ports, etc...

We are an affordable alternative to big companies that just want to replace your motherboards and charge you too much!

Thank you to our loyal customers. In order to serve you better we are expanding to a new, bigger location. Formerly located in Sunnyvale, & Milpitas CA, we have expanded to a new location just miles away in Pleasant Hill - right in the East Bay of Silicon Valley, the tech center of the universe! We have been in business since 2004 and have repaired thousands of computers.

Unlike most laptop repair services, we have the skills and equipment to perform component level repairs on damaged motherboards. What does this mean, it simply means we can replace any and all components soldered to a motherboard. Our success rate can’t be beat! We only use new, high quality chips such as Nvidia, ATI, AMD, INTEL, BROADCOM, and Maxim. We specialize in repairing the following brands of laptops: Apple, Acer, Dell, HP/ Compaq, IBM/Lenovo, Gateway, Alienware, Asus, Toshiba, Sager, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Win Book, Clevo, Emachine.

Component Level Repair Training!

LEARN TO MAKE THOUSANDS REPAIRING LAPTOPS DOWN TO THE BOARD LEVEL. This is the only Company in the United States with a tried and true formula for laptop repairs, that all other laptop companies go to within the US. You will get certified and prepared for your future in Laptop Repair. We will teach you everything that you see and things you wont ever see shown on the web, that only people elude on how to do but don't actually show you. We will give to our individuals purchasing our system, exclusivity of territories and you will be the only company in your area offering these services, cutting out the competition. Other companies will then come to you to get repairs done.

First of all we will start off by saying that this is the only Laptop Repair training course you will get that will prepare you to do all makes, models of laptops vintage and Current models. This service will not be like other so called training repairs that show you procedures on old style laptops or motherboards and components that don't apply or don't exist anymore. The stuff you learn here is cutting edge technology and done everyday by our employees who also work shifts making boards for top fighter jets in Silicon Valley.

It is IMPORTANT to Understand that You cannot learn to do this type of repairing from a PDF or DVD, as some company's want you to believe! Where is the ongoing support? The truth is they don't want to give you the ongoing support, which you will need to be successful! Do they know how, do they possess the real knowledge? NO.. they DO NOT!.... Laptop repair has gone to a whole new level, technology changes every 3-6 months, most cannot keep up, we do 20-30 repairs a day. NO one does this many repairs.... They want you to buy DVDs and buy PDf's because there is no further attachment, and they hope if they overwhelm you with useless information that you feel satisfied that you got your monies worth!! Please read on to see what will change your life!!! If you want to learn to build a business that will bring in $5,000- $30,000 per mo. depending on how hard you work at it!

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