Mat-tech is your specialist in high-tech soldering & brazing. Whether it's developing a new product or improving an existing product, we provide the perfect joint.

Soldering, Service Provider

Our company consists of two parts: Mat-tech Development & Testing and Mat-Tech Production.

Mat-tech Development & Testing helps you to develop and optimize soldered & brazed products and processes related to them. We also do research on lifetime reliability testing, mechanical testing and analysis of the cause of failure.

Mat-Tech Production offers you the opportunity to outsource high-tech soldering & brazing production to be assured of perfect quality and service at a very reasonable price. We provide serial work but also the production of one single product.

Soldering & brazing services

We can offer the following soldering services: vacuum brazing, belt furnace brazing, shielding soldering, inductive soldering, aluminum soldering, metal-ceramic brazing, fluxless soldering, manual soldering & brazing etc.

Mat-tech Postings

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Reliability of BGA Solder Joints after Re-Balling Process

Oct 04, 2012 | M.H. Biglaria, A. Nazariana, R. Denteneera, M. Biglari, Jra, A.A. Kodentsov

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings... Due to the obsolescence of SnPb BGA components, electronics manufacturers that use SnPb solder paste either have to use lead-free BGAs and adjust the reflow process or re-ball t...

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