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TR360 benchtop reflow oven

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Tripper is a pretty professional and well-experienced manufacturer&supplier who focus on developing, making and selling the economical and compact-size solder paste printer, Pick and Place, reflow oven, wave solder machine, Thanks

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TR360 benchtop reflow oven

TR360 benchtop reflow oven


TR360 benchtop reflow oven



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Tripper Technology Limited


TR360 benchtop reflow oven Description:

 TR360 is the simplest solution, the most compact-size and cost-efficient reflow oven, but it is functional over your expectation,  fully like the large full-size reflow oven. Please see details below:

1). It is suitable for both leaded and lead-free process, its unique and powerful heating system which combines the quartz IR and forced hot air convection produces the rapid and uniform high temperature thoroughly inside the oven. The cooling system with the powerful and stable air blower can cool the PCBA down properly.

2). It provides the consistent, good soldering quality even when 0201s, Fine-pitch ICs, BGAs and CSPs mounted on the board, its PID intelligent temperature control system with SSR and up to 40 sequential time/temp. segments setpoints creates the perfect temperature profile whatever you need based on your solder paste, components, board recommendations.

3). The user-friendly operation interfaces, it is controlled separately by either the touch screen or PC software, the whole soldering process is real-time monitored on either Touch screen or PC software, the parameters can be easily set and changed on either touch screen or PC software.

4). The stable and compatible control software, it can be easily installed in any computer(laptop) and compatible with any Windows operating system (such as: XP, 2000 or 7 etc.),  stable and fast communication between the oven and the PC control software through a simple USB cable(it is shipped with the machine).

5). The powerful control software, the temperature profile for the soldering board is real-time displayed through attached the thermocouple on the PCBA. And the temperature graphs can be checked and analyzed anytime to meet your requests. an unlimited numbers of recipes (including temperature profile and parameters settings) can be created, stored and chosen. The factory default sample leaded and lead-free process recipes included.


Control interface: Either Touch Screen or any PC (laptop) with Control Software

Temperature control setting: Single zone, 20~40 Time/Temp segments per recipe

Temperature control method: PID control, SSR contactless output

Temperature accuracy: ± 2 ℃

Heating time: 3~5Min

Temperature range: Ambient -350 ℃

Heating method: Quartz IR &forced hot air convection

Table (Max. PCB)  size: 360mm *230mm

Temperature profile: Real-time measuring and analyzing for both heaters and board/component.

Cooling system: Cross flow cooling blower

Power requirement: 220V, 1 Ph,50/60Hz, 15A, 4.1KW(Max.)

Exhaust requirement: 6.3 L/Min, 0.22 CFM, or configured with our portable fume extractor for no exhaust emission (Option).

Machine weight: 45 Kg

Machine size: 700mm(L)x500mm(W)x300mm(H)


1. Ideal for training, teaching, R&D, laboratory testing, prototype and small-to-medium scale run production.

2. Much cost-efficient, it has all functions like the big reflow oven.

3. Easy to use, only need to input some basic parameters in either Touch screen or computer, one new guy can handle it after read the manual or watched the videos.

4. Easy to move, it can be transported to anywhere since it is very light and a few electrical facility.

5. Easy to maintain, its upper heater and PCB drawer can be easy to open.

6. Energy-efficient, combination IR and forced hot-air convection heating with low turbulence air flow design

7. Environment-friendly, only a little exhaust, if configured with our portable fume extractor(Option), no exhaust emission.

8. Nitrogen options, it can have Nitrogen capability if you need. Please see Model TR360N.

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