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smt splicing tape

smt splicing tape

smt splicing tape


smt splicing tape



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shenzhen zhongchen(ZOCE) Electronics Co,Ltd

our main products including smt splice tape,splice clip,smt splicing tools,smt auto stencil paper/wiper and some ESD products. We cooperate with both home and abroad customers with ours hearts.


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smt splicing tape:

CE-0308  8MM 500pcs/box
CE-0312 12MM 500pcs/box
CE-0316 16MM 500pcs/box
CE-0324 24MM 250pcs/box


2.color:yellow,blue,black splice tape is designed for panasonic machine.

4.Guarantees precise and secure connections of SMT tapes in taping and picking and placing machines

5.To avoid unnecessary stoppages of picking and placing machines,these SMT connectors provide precise attachment of top and bottom of the two tape ends


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