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SiFO Technology bridges the gap between OEMs and their Chinese contract manufacturers by providing in-circuit and functional test fixtures, programs, testers and services.

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From 6000 miles away any number of things can go wrong with production test at your contract manufacturer in China.

Too often, you can end up with garbled communication, logistical hassles, or even needing to send someone to China to sort out problems at in-circuit and functional test on your contract manufacturer's floor. Or perhaps to upgrade the test program, modify the fixture, or deliver a completely new test job on very short notice.

SiFO simplifies your test management task in China not only with high quality test programs and fixtures, but with unparalleled technical expertise in China.

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Overcoming Logistic, Economic and Technical Challenges to Implementing Functional Test in High Mix / High Volume Production Environments

Nov 29, 2012 | Craig T. Pynn

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings... Functional circuit test (FCT) of circuit boards and end products in a high volume (>1000 units per day) production environment presents challenging technical, logistic and cost obstacles that are usually more complex than those encountered at the inspection (automated optical inspection) and the manufacturing process test step (in-circuit test)....

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