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ACE Translator 3000

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Numerical Innovations develops software tools for PCB, MEMs, IC, Microwave/RF, and optical components - with tools like DFM Now! and FAB3000 that are revolutionizing the way in the PCB Industry.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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ACE Translator 3000

ACE Translator 3000


ACE Translator 3000



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Numerical Innovations


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Easily Convert between: DXF, GDSII, Gerber, STL, 3D, ODB++, High Resolution TIFF/BITMAP, and more...

To put it simply, ACE 3000 provides seamless 'two-way' translation between your electronic designs (for PCB, IC, MEMs, RF/Microwave, Chemical Milling, etc.) and the most common EDA, CAD, and Mechanical 3D formats - all in a single intuitive environment.

With only 4 clicks of the mouse, anyone can easily convert the most complicated electronic designs to common formats like: GDS-II, Gerber, ODB++, AutoCAD(R) DXF & DWG, PDF, Postscript, 3D-STL, 3D-IGES, and more; these common files can then be imported into almost ANY software tool and/or used directly in the manufacturing process.

ACE 3000 is used world-wide by thousands of companies, from those that make beautiful metal holiday ornaments for the Christmas tree, to IC manufacturers who require design accuracies of 1/10 nanometer -- that's your hair divided 1000 times! We're always surprised and pleased to hear the wide range of uses engineers, designers, & manufacturers find for ACE 3000.

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