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Manufacturer of materials for the electronics assembly marketplace. Our RoHS-compliant products include solder pastes, fluxes, solder powder, core wire and bar solder and process support products.

Deep River, Connecticut, USA


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AMT Solder Powder

AMT Solder Powder


AMT Solder Powder


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Advanced Metals Technology Inc. (AMT) is the world leader in manufacturing electronic grade solder powders. Our proprietary separation process allows us to produce perfectly sized, low oxide solder powders and spheres for BGAs, while maintaining low manufacturing overhead. Our subsidiary, Amtech, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of high quality solder pastes and fluxes to the electronic assembly market.

Advanced Metals Technology Inc. was founded in 1978 with the specific goal of being a primary supplier of electronics-grade solder powder. At start-up, the company possessed only a theory for the production of solder powder. Following six months of development, the company began full scale production.

By 1986, AMT supplied most of the U.S. paste manufacturers. In that year the company extended its marketing of solder powder to Europe and the Far East, including Japan. A majority of the world’s leading solder paste manufacturers are now AMT customers.

After visiting many powder producers, AMT was chosen by Hughes Aircraft to exclusively manufacture and market their fatigue resistant alloy. AMT also worked with Lucent Technology scientists on a lower melting alternative to 63/37. AMT is currently developing alloys that are lead free with low melting temperatures found in current lead alloys.

The limiting factor for paste capacity is the supply of high quality solder powder. Since AMT is the world leader in solder powders, supply will never be an issue. Our current capacity is more than 60 metric tons of solder powder per month (Type 3 and Type 4).

Alloy Composition: AMT’s powders are produced using only the highest quality virgin materials. All our powders exceed the J-STD-006 specification.

Oxygen Content: All AMT solder powders are atomized in a controlled atmosphere to minimize oxygen content. Typical values for 63Sn/37Pb are listed below.

Particle Size: AMT’s proprietary separation process ensures perfectly sized powder without surface damage. The particle size distributions exceed the J-STD-006 specification and contain no fines below 20 microns (Types 2,2A,3,4).

Certificate of Analysis: All AMT powder is delivered with a detailed CofA including chemical analysis and image analysis size distribution. Coullter particle distribution available upon request

Packaging: All AMT powder is packaged in 12.5kg metallized mylar bags under inert gas. Two bags are packed in sealed polyethylene containers to prevent damage. Alternative packaging is available to satisfy customer requirements.

Facility Capacity: AMT’s powder facility is capable of producing 750,000 kg of finished solder powder per year.

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