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Yamaha YSM40 High-Density Modular Mounter

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Trans-Tec has more than 25 years of industry experience providing expert sales and after sales technical support of Yamaha Surface Mount equipment.

Chandler, Arizona, USA

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Yamaha YSM40 High-Density Modular Mounter

Yamaha YSM40 High-Density Modular Mounter


Yamaha YSM40 High-Density Modular Mounter


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Yamaha YSM40 High-Density Modular Mounter Description:

Achieving industry's top levels of mounting speed and productivity per area of factory floor space.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the new high-density modular surface mounter(*1) model "YSM40" Adopting a 4-beam, 4-head layout on a compact platform with a width of just one meter, this new model achieves the industry's top levels(*2) of mounting speed, at over 100,000 CPH(*3), and area productivity, as well as excellent flexibility of application in a variety of production formats.

The new YSM40 was developed under a new concept of achieving a high level of area productivity and the ability to handle a wide range of components in one machine. This makes it a machine strategically positioned to best meet the growing need for high-speed surface mounters (SMT machines) optimized for manufacturing the small to mid-sized printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in rapidly spreading digital electronic products like smart phones and tablet devices.

With features like 4- or 2-beam layouts, three different types of heads and a dual-lane conveyor layout allowing for a great variety of work variations, this model achieves an industry top level mounting speed exceeding 100,000 CPH with the versatility to handle components ranging from super-small chips to large, odd-shaped components. The compact machine width of just one meter means outstanding area productivity(*4) and line length productivity(*5). Furthermore, a number of new functions are provided by devices like an automatic tray supply carriage that enables changing of all pallets at once and the newly developed electric-powered "ZS Feeder" tape feeder with a non-stop insertion/extraction function that work together to increase the capacity for non-stop production.


  • Combines both High-speed & Flexibility into one compact unit
  • 100,000CPH (IPC9850) Super high-speed productivity!
  • Available in 3 head variations
  • Machine width of 1 meter
  • Nonstop operation during setups/changeovers and nonstop production when using along with ZS Feeder




Applicable PCB

L700×W460mm to L50×W50mm

Head / Applicable components

According to applicable components, select one from 3 heads below.

  • High-Speed Head : 0402 to 4532 (Metric base) , Height 3mm or less
  • Multi-Head : 0402 to 45×100mm, Height 15mm or less
  • Flexible Head : 0402 to 45×100mm, Height 25.5mm or less, Odd-shaped available

Mounting capability

  • 4-beam
  • High-Speed Head : 100,000CPH (IPC9850)
  • Multi-Head : 80,000CPH (IPC9850)

Mounting accuracy

  • Absolute accuracy (µ+3σ) : +/- 0.04mm/CHIP, +/- 0.04mm/QFP
  • Repeatability (3σ) : +/- 0.03mm/CHIP, +/- 0.03mm/QFP

Number of component types

  • 2-beam : Max. 92 feeders (8mm width)
  • 4-beam : Max. 88 feeders (8mm width)

Power supply

3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10%

Air supply source


External dimension

L1,000×W2,100×H1,550mm (excluding projections)


Approx. 2,100 kg

Trans-Tec has more than 25 years of industry experience providing expert sales and after sales technical support of Yamaha Surface Mount equipment. With offices in 11 countries we are available world-wide. We can offer world-class training at one of our own training facilities or in your factory. With two warehouses in North America, our huge inventory of spare parts is available for speedy delivery. When working with Trans-Tec you can be assured that your company will be supported by a service team who is both knowledgeable and genuinely committed to customer satisfaction.

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