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Mobile phone ic bga chip motherboard rework machine

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Shenzhen DingHua Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a top professional and biggest manufacturer of BGA rework station, CNC engraving machine, Automatic screw locking machine and Soldering machine Shenzhen,China.

Shenzhen, China


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Mobile phone ic bga chip motherboard rework machine

Mobile phone ic bga chip motherboard rework machine


Mobile phone ic bga chip motherboard rework machine


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Shenzhen Dinghua Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Mobile phone ic bga chip motherboard rework machine Description:

1.Product parameter

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater



AC110~240V±10%     50/60Hz

Operation mode

Two modes: manual and automatic.

HD touch screen, intelligent man-machine, digital system setting.

Optical CCD camera lens


Camera magnification

1x - 220x

Workbench fine-tuning:

±15mm forward/backward,  ±15mm right/left

Placement accuracy:


PCB position

Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.


Taiwan led working light, any angle adjustable

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop, PLC control

Temp accuracy


PCB size

All kinds of mobile phone motherboard

BGA chip

1x1 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor



L420×W450×H680 mm

Net weight



1. Embedded industrial PC, Digital system setting, two independent heating zones, Panasonic CCD camera system, HD touch screen conversational interface, PLC control, Multi-functional integrated control, Human structure design, Folding optical lens, Optional number, store and choose temperature profile.

2. Two operation modes in system: Auto/manual. Auto mode: auto soldering/desoldering bga with button. Manual mode: Manual up/down top head to soldering/desoldering bga with joysticks. Both modes combines with optical alignment and laser positioning to finish the process. Meanwhile, build-in vacuum can pick up bga chip conveniently.

3. Multi-functions: “fast positiong”, “holding temperature”, “pressure sensor”, “instant temperature analysis”, “voice warning before heating finish”, “HD visual optical alignment”, “High precise temperature control, high repair rate, high stability”, etc.

4. High precise k-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID automatic temperature compensation system, with PLC and temperature module and intelligent control unit to enable precise temperature deviation on ±1℃. Meanwhile, external temperature measurement connector enables temperature diction and accurate analysis of real time temperature curve.

5. Movable universal fixture prevent pcb from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all kinds of pcb repairing.

6. High power LED light to ensure brightness for working, and different size of magnet nozzles, titanium alloy material, easy replace and install, never deformation and rusty.

7. 6-8 segments temperature can be set for top heating and lower heating(up to 16 segments). 50,000 groups of temperature curves can be stored, which can number, modification and apply at any time according to different BGA. Curve analysis, setting and adjustment are also available on touch screen.

8. With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish: remind operator to pick up bga chip on time. After heating, cooling fan will work automatic, when temperature cool down to room temperature  ( <45℃ ), cooling system will stop automatic to prevent the heater from aging.

CE certification approval. Double protection: Overheating guard + emergency stop function. 

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