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ZN Technologies (www.zntechnologies.com) specializes in assisting microelectronics companies achieve manufacturing efficiencies and yield/reliability improvement with our unique set of R&D/Failure Analysis capital equipment.

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ZN Technologies (www.zntechnologies.com) was founded in 2009 by Joe Thomas with one goal:  to become a valuable and trusted partner to microelectronics companies worldwide.  Relying on Joe's 10+ years of experience in technology business development, ZN strives to offer a unique set of enabling solutions for R&D/Failure Analysis professionals, New Product Introduction (NPI) managers, and manufacturing managers.  From capital equipment and FA lab testing to contract manufacturing, ZN Technologies offers the products and services that enable the microelectronics industry.

Joe Thomas holds BS degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as an MBA from Georgia State University.  He has held sales & marketing positions with several high-tech companies and was most recently Director of North/South America Sales for Akrometrix, a semiconductor metrology equipment manufacturer.  He is also a co-inventor on 3 US Patents (6,193,911, 6,214,473 and 6,416,870).

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Warpage/Coplanarity Measurement Lab Services

ZN Technologies (www.zntechnologies.com) is proud to offer warpage/coplanarity measurement services to customers worldwide.  Using the most advanced moire technique available (projection moire), ...


Warpage/Coplanarity Measurement Lab Services

Used/Refurbished Capital Equipment

ZN Technologies specializes in used/refurbished capital equipment in the areas of SMT inspection, test, metrology, FA/Rel and vision.  Please contact us to learn more. ...

Test Equipment

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Projection Moiré vs. Shadow Moiré for Warpage Measurement and Failure Analysis of Advanced Packages

Jan 31, 2013 | Joe Thomas

There are three key industry trends that are driving the need for temperature-dependent warpage measurement: the trend toward finer-pitch devices, the emergence of lead-free processing, and changes in device form factors. Warpage measurement has become a key measurement for analysis; prevention and prediction of interconnect defects and has been employed in failure analysis labs and production sites worldwide. First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings...

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