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PC Board Design and manufacturer since 1983. Providing excellent products and servicing the electronics industry. Including quick-turns, prototypes, production, MLB, ITAR, and leader in quality.

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We are your PC Board Specialist. Since 1983 Generation Circuits has offered PCB services with the customer in mind. Services including PC board design from concept through schematic capture to PCB layout. We will take your board layout and produce bare board PCBs, or turn-key assembled boards. Our PC board manufacturing facility is located in the same building as our layout/CAD team. This allows our customers to take advantage of a smooth, seamless flow of work from PCB layout through PC board manufacturing. Generation Circuits specializes in multilayer prototypes, 24-hour quick turns, and small to medium production runs with large production available in-house or offshore.

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Printed circuit board manufacturing. Rapid prototypes, Multi-layer boards....

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
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