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XT-3 High-Resolution X-Ray Analyser

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Manufacturer of Real-time Automated Xray Inspection. Focus on SMT solder joint inspection of hidden joints ie, BGAs and PTH Barrel Fill per IPC-610. Clients include leading manufacturers in the electronics/automotive Industries.

San Diego, CA, USA


  • Phone +1.858.536 50-50

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XT-3 High-Resolution X-Ray Analyser

XT-3 High-Resolution X-Ray Analyser


XT-3 High-Resolution X-Ray Analyser



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MatriX Technologies GmbH


XT-3 High-Resolution X-Ray Analyser Description:

Semi-automated, programmable X-ray inspection system with multiple axes for advanced prototyping, failure analysis, manufacturing process validation and rework verification for PCBs up to 18 x 20".

The XT-3 X-ray Inspection Series ushers in a new approach to the more traditional Manual X-ray Imaging (MXI) use model. While designed for ease of use and the quickest solder quality feedback, MatriX is taking MXI to another level. Manual X-ray is traditionally open loop and fully relies on the knowledge and experience of the user to setup the image, make an inspection decision, and manually archive the image for future reference. Now, utilizing our advanced automated software platform MIPS, the XT-3 can achieve full inspection traceability using bar code or manual product data input, automated image archival and results reporting. 

System features

  • 3 axes stepper motor drive system with optional Tilt & Rotate device for oblique viewing
  • Easy and flexible handling operator terminal with space mouse navigator & touchpad keyboard
  • X-ray source: 100 kV microfocus X-ray tube (sealed), optional 130 kV
  • CMOS X-ray detector (12 x 7 cm, 14 bit digital output, 1k x 1k) for high image quality & contrast
  • Magnification up to 720 x
  • Spot size: 5 micron
  • Resolution: 40 lp/mm
  • Max. Field of View: >40mm


  • Solder Joint Quality (BGA, Leaded)
  • Bridging
  • Voiding
  • Opens
  • Bare boards (Inner layers, traces, vias)
  • Component Package Inspection (wire bonds)
  • Subtle Defect Inspection

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