Multek Inc.

Multek is one of the leading printed circuit board suppliers in the world with nine production sites globally.


We provide the most wide ranging product portfolio including PCB, FPC, Rigid-Flex, Flexible Circuit Assembly and Printed Electronics.

Founded in 1978, Multek is one of the renowned PCB suppliers in the world that provides credible One-Stop interconnect solutions in the electronics industry. The company has more approximately 12,000 workers across the globe working at ten facilities on four different continents, which sustains our unique possession of extensive global footprint to serve worldwide customers.

Over the years, Multek is highly recognized with its industry leading development and manufacturing capabilities over full spectrum of PCB technology requirements. While all teams are working closely to achieve desperate business growth, the company is strictly committed to a series of EHS programs for seamless operation and corporate social responsibility to cater for long term organizational development.

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A Designed Experiment for the Influence of Copper Foils on Impedance, DC Line Resistance and Insertion Loss

Mar 28, 2013 | Alexander Ippich

For the last couple of years, the main concerns regarding the electrical performance of blank PCB boards were impedance and ohmic resistance. Just recently, the need to reduce insertion loss came up in discussions with blank board customers (...) The paper describes the test vehicle and the testing methodology and discusses in detail the electrical performance characteristics. The influence of the independent variables on the performance characteristics is presented. Finally the thermal reliability of the boards built applying different copper foils and oxide replacements was investigated....

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