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CR39 Polarized Lenses

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YS America is manufacturer of eyewear industry products. Products include polarized lenses, photochrmoic lens, high index, shield lens, polycarbonate, films, injection and mirror coatings for sun lens

Burlingame, California, USA


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CR39 Polarized Lenses

CR39 Polarized Lenses


CR39 Polarized Lenses



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YS America


CR39 Polarized Lenses Description:

CR39 polarized lenses are the most popular plastic resin sunglass lenses in the world. CR39 resin makes high quality polarized sunglass lenses and also has a cost and weight advantage over glass.

Our CR39 sunglass lenses are used by the customers all over the world, from US, Europe to Asian countries. These plano sunlenses allow you to make functional high quality sunglasses with reasonable cost.

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